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I come from 20 years of corporate safety work with all its advantages and disadvantages. I know what works as well as what doesn't.

Whether it's training or compliance documentation, there's a lot of detail out there. You want your audience to understand your message or you've just wasted a lot of time writing it!

That's where we come in. You're not alone. We can help!


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Talk About Predictable!

A SyFy short story where all human behavior is predicted- until they do something that the algorithm did not expect. What happens now?

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Top Ten Trials and Tribulations

A dashing, young writer helps a talk show host create a comedy sketch. What goes on behind all the laughs? Who are the writers and what is their motivation? Go inside the mind of a comedy writer and see how he helps "the funniest guy on late night" to renew for next season. At the same time, our writer is on his own journey of self-discovery... what will he find?

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Top Ten Trials and Tribulations cover