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Quiz Review


To review the information provided in the class to allow for additional repetition of the information and to determine if retention occurred. Quizzes can be used to test a participant's knowledge before, during, or after training. Pre-class quizzes may be an online assessment to determine knowledge levels before the class.

Review quiz activities can take many shapes. A review game show format is very effective and very easy to create. The majority of quiz reviews use questions from the instructional content. The review can be created in a low-tech format or very elaborate with staging or electronic game software. This low tech version is easy to create on the fly.

Time Required

About 45-60 minutes - can easily expand or contract the activity to suit the available time.

Materials Required

White board or large wall, copy paper and markers, timer


Write four topics on copy paper.

Break the class into 2-4 teams and have each team write 4-8 questions for each topic with answers on the back.

  • Collect the questions and answers.
  • Choose some of the questions and tape them under the appropriate topic.
  • Cover each one with blank paper.
  • Split class into two teams (new teams)
  • First team chooses the topic and tries to answer the question in the allotted time.
  • Next team takes a turn until all questions are answered.
  • Correct answers gain 2 points and incorrect answers lose a point.


  • What did we learn?
  • Why did we work on this activity? How will this information help you in your job?