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The Good Catch Incentive Program!

(The key to an incentive program that meets OSHA requirements is to remember that your program must NOT encourage underreporting of accidents. You CAN encourage and reward prevention.)

We NEED you!

Someone's been injured in our facility! Imagine the pain and suffering of a fellow employee who you normally enjoy sharing lunch with.

How do we keep something like that from happening? Or even worse, how do you keep it from happening again?

Hazard identification is EVERYBODY’S responsibility. The easiest way to do that is to train everyone to help eliminate hazards. We're all busy. You already have your own job to do and we now want you to do more? Well, what if there was something in it for you? What if we could make it worth your while?

The Good Catch program will help us to do just that! We want to reward those who are finding and assisting with eliminating hazards.

Our Tagline: "Every Good Catch is an Accident that Didn't Happen"

Describe the details of the contest with 3 Main points (keep it simple)

  1. The Purpose & Details
  2. The Duration
  3. The Prizes

When details are left out, confusion reigns and participation wanes!

The location will be notified whenever a Good Catch is found. All Good Catches will be investigated by the employee who identified it, their Supervisor, and the HSC

Results will be communicated at Shift start up meetings

Let’s do the contest! Let’s find those Good Catches! Let’s identify and eliminate those hazards!

Let’s keep our location SAFE!